Partner & Affiliate Links

Most of the links on this page are so called affiliate links which means that if you order something through such a link I may get a small reward without any additional costs for you, sometimes even with extra benefits to you which I have either negotiated or which I receive due to my affiliation.

What is really important for me to mention is that I will only provide links to products or services about which I am personally fully convinced that they bring value to the user. I will never post any links here just for the chance to potentially get a small commission.

If you have recommendations of your own I would be happy to try them out and maybe also add them to my list of recommendations.

Photography related links

When it comes to photography I can recommend the following products and services:

Website Description - Summer promotion 60% off anything My favourite supplier for canvas prints - I've ordered most of my canvas prints at Picanova to decorate our home (and also the office). For this promotion you need to have an overall order of €50,- or more. Ends: 25.09.2019 - 55% on canvas prints Use this link for canvas prints in case you stay below €50,-. - 40% on photo presents Use this link for photo presents like cups, pillows, etc. in case you stay below €50,-.

Crypto & Finance related links

I have a strong believe and interest in cryptocurrencies - that's why most (but not all) of the links below refer to the crypto sector. You can also visit my Bitcoin page (German only) for further infos.

Important note: I am not a finance advisor so you need to do your own due diligence when investing!

Website Description
Bitpanda Broker/Exchange Austrian company with a very easy and intuitive way for purchasing several cryptocurrencies directly with EUR, USD, CHF or Pounds.
Binance Exchange My favourite exchange when it comes to trading between different cryptocurrencies.
Trezor One and Model T My favourite hardware wallet when it comes to safely storing different cryptocurrencies (don't leave them on an exchange!).
Ledger Nano S and Nano X Very good alternative to Trezor with a slightly different coin support range. I am using both Trezor and Ledger.
Scalable Capital Fully automated ETF portfolio using a robo advisor. You (and I) get EUR 50,- when you sign up through this link and invest.
Bondora P2P lending My chosen peer-to-peer lending platform (there are many out there). With this link you (and I) get a bonus of EUR 25,- if you invest EUR 1000,- or more within the first 30 days.

Miscellaneous links

Everything which does not fit in any of the provided categories will be listed below. It does not mean that it is less worthy trying out - I just didn't find a better place ;-)

Website Description
Focus@Will Scientifically optimized music which helps me focus when needed. I use it both at work and sometimes at home with my headphones.
AirBnB I think there is not much to say about AirBnB. I've tried it, I like the concept and if you sign up through this link you get a 15% discount on your first booking.
Selbstmanagement-Rocks German platform from Thomas Mangold focusing on self-management. Lots of takeaways - at least for me as someone needing support here ;-)

Untested links

This is a placeholder for me for products or services which I would still like to test but I don't (yet) give a recommendation for.

Website Description
GetMore CashBack CashBack for many online shops and services.
CyberGhost VPN Great VPN service for a very competitive price and 45 days money back guarantee.
Ameo Powerbreather Special snorkel for sportive swimming / snorkling which guarantees for 100% fresh air.
Fiverr Professional yet competitively priced freelancing services. Do you want to list your own property on Get EUR 100,- welcome bonus after receiving your first booking.
Travel Hacks Video course for all sorts of travel hacks (German only).